Sharp MX-6050N Printer Driver Download

By | May 11, 2017

Sharp MX-6050N Driver Downloads

Sharp MX-6050N Printer Driver Download
Sharp MX-6050N

Sharp MX-6050N PCL6 Driver & Software for Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Xp, Driver Mac, Linux & Installations, Toner Cartridges| Sharp MX-6050N becomes the Sharp printer model which is getting more and more popular among the people. This is because this printer possesses such fast printing ability. Per minute, this printer can print the data for 50 to 60 pages. Both for B&W and colorful copier, its print speed is about 60 ppm with the power consumption of 1.920; if it is in sleep mode, its power consumption is around 0.9 while for standby mode, it would be around 133.

Sharp MX-6050N might be a good option for the small publishing company since it can hold the papers up to 3.000 sheets. Same as the other Sharp printers, MX-6050N would be able to be used for scanning, copying and send the fax whose file formats are PDF/A, TIFF, XPS, encrypted PDF file format, and PDF. This type of Sharp printer is supported by the Essentials Series that can do multitasking job.
Even though this printer is able to print quickly, Sharp MX-6050N would only print on 110lb cover and 12″ x 18″ size of the paper sheets. However, the result is clear and beautiful because it has the resolution 1200 x 1200 DPI. Talking about the wireless connectivity, this MX-6050N support the use of Fax Expansion kit and the Wireless LAN kit. Therefore, you would be able to print the data on your smartphone if you wish to.
You cannot doubt about the security of Sharp MX-6050N because this printer has Sharp’s end-of-lease feature to scan the data automatically and remove all networks available; it has a 256-bit data encryption. Finally, because MX-6050N could be black and white plus colorful result, the inks used would not only be black, but also several vivid inks like blue, red, yellow, etc.

Sharp MX-6050N Toner Cartridges

  • MX60NTBA Black
  • MX60NTCA Cyan
  • MX60NTMA Magenta
  • MX60NTYA Yellow
  • MX60NRSA Black
  • MX607HB Original Waste
  • MX60NVBA Black
  • MX60NVSA Color

Sharp MX-6050N Specifications

  • Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File
  • Pages per minute: 60 B/W 60 Colour
  • Paper capacity: Std 650 Max 6,300 sheets
  • Resolution (dpi) 1200 x 1200, 600 x 600, 9600 x 600
  • Interface Std/Opt USB 2.0,10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
  • Network protocols TCP/IP (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Printing protocols LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail printing), HTTP, FTP for downloading print files, IPP
  • PDL Std/Opt STD PCL 6 emulation; OPT Adobe® PostScript® 3™
  • Available fonts 80 (PCL), 139 (Adobe PostScript 3)
  • Original paper size (Max.) A3
  • Continuous copy (Max. copies) 9,999
  • Resolution Scan B/W (dpi) 600 x 600, 600 x 400, 600 x 300
  • Resolution Scan Colour (dpi) 600 x 600
  • Resolution Print (dpi) 1200 x 1200, 600 x 600, 9600 x 600
  • Resolution push scan (dpi) 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600
  • Resolution pull scan (dpi) 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600, 50 to 9600
  • File formats TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, encrypted PDF, compact PDF, JPEG, XPS
  • Scanner utilities Sharpdesk

Supported OS Standard

  • Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8, 
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11

How to Install Sharp MX-6050N for Windows

  • Click the Printer Driver button.
  • Click the Standard installation button.
  • Printers connected to the network are detected. Select the machine & click the Next button.
  • A confirmation window appears. Check the contents & then click the Next button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  1.  If you are using Windows Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, Server 2012, be sure to click Install this driver software anyway.
  2.  If you are using Windows XP, Server 2003, be sure to click the Continue Anyway or Yes button.
  • When the installation has completed screen appears, click the OK button.
  • Click the Close button in the window

    How to Install Sharp MX-6050N for Mac OS

    • Insert the “Software CD-ROM” into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
    • Double-click the CD-ROM icon on the desktop.
    • Double-click the MacOSX folder
    • Double-click the folder corresponding to the versions of the operating system.
    • Double-click the MX-C42 icon
    • Click the Continue button.
    • The License Agreement window will appear. Make sure that you understand the contents of the license agreement and then click the Continue button.
    • Click the [Install] button.
    • When the installation completed screen appears, click the Close button.
    • Click System Preference in the Apple menu and select Print & Scan.
    • Click the + button and select “XXXX”.
    • Configure the printer driver.
    • Click the Option & Supplies button & click the Driver tab.
    1. Click the Default icon.
    2. Click the machine’s model name.
    3. Choose that the PPD file of your model.
    4. Click the Add button.
    • Select the machine configuration.
    1. Choose the options that are installed on the machine.
    2. Click the OK button.
    3. Click to close the window.

      Sharp MX-6050N Driver Download for Windows, Mac, Linux

      Download | Windows OS Driver Package Software
      Contains: Universal Print Driver
      Download | Windows 32 Bit OS WHQL Driver Package
      Contains PCL, PS, PPD
      Download | Windows 64 bit OS WHQL Driver Package Software
      Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Print Drivers
      Download | Windows OS Driver Package Software
      Contains: PC Fax Print Drivers
      Download | MAC OS Driver Package Software
      Contains: Mac PPD 10.10 through 10.12 Print Drivers
      Download | Windows OS TWAIN WHQL Driver Package Software
      Contains: WHQL TWAIN Drivers
      Download | Linux/Cups PPD
      Contains: Linux/Cups PPD