Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver Download & Installations

By | December 14, 2017

Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver Download

Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver Download & Installations
Sharp AR-M257
Sharp AR-M257 PCL6 Driver & Software and Utilities Download for Mac, Windows and Toner Cartridges, Multifunction Copier Reviews – Sharp AR-M257 Digital IMAGER be able to raise office productivity to a whole new level. With advanced versatility, the AR-M257 Digital Imager MFPs deliver everything a business needs to get ahead, offering 25-ppm copy & print speeds, convenient networking, and integrated multifunction capabilities. These new Workgroup MFPs are ideal for busy departments & workgroups. Standard features include a 100-sheet reversing document feeder, duplexing, 1,200-dpi laser output, and a large 8.1″ touch screen LCD display that makes operation easy and intuitive. The Sharp AR-M257 Digital IMAGERs are feature-packed MFPs designed to deliver reliable & versatile performance to enhance customer’s workflow. 
With a large 8.1 inch touch screen and features such as an ID card shot function, the Sharp AR-M257 is certainly equipped with all the bells and whistles one would expect in a current document processing machine. The unit’s overall performance speeds leave a little to be desired, but, overall, the unit is solid throughout.
While the Sharp AR-M257 is, at heart, a copy machine, it is also capable of executing PC prints and, with an optional Super G3 Fax package, sending and receiving faxes over the phone line. The unit is built to handle large format paper sized up to 11 x 17 inches, though printing to this speed will reduce the already mediocre print speed down to 13 pages or copies per minute.
The device’s print speed is marginally slow, but its first copy out time of only 4.8 seconds is outstanding. Possibly even more impressive is the unit’s warm up time of only 23 seconds. While many printers in the same vein as the Sharp AR-M257 take between one and two minutes to warm up, Sharp’s cutting edge technology significantly reduces this time.
With a 100 sheet automatic document feeder, the Sharp AR-M257 is already positioned to impress when it comes to loading input material, but it doesn’t stop there. The unit is equipped with a reversing feeder that has single pass technology. This means that the scanner can absorb data from both sides of a page at one time. Double sided input material will take no longer to scan or input for copies than single sided pages.
Paper storage is sufficient for this device and consists of two full ream sized 500 sheet paper trays that are accompanied by a 100 sheet manual bypass tray. The standard trays work only with paper up to 21 lbs in thickness, while the bypass tray can be used to load multiple envelopes, transparencies, and even some card stock into the machine. Optional paper storage accessories include a 500 sheet paper feed unit and a 1000 sheet (500 x 2) unit that could certainly help to cut back on refill requirements.
The Sharp AR-M257’s overall print and copy speed is right on the fence between being acceptable and just plain too slow. At 25 pages per minute for both standard PC printing and stand alone copying, the device is a little behind the times when it comes to the area of raw performance. Users do have the option of purchasing the device’s sister unit, the Sharp AR-M317, that can pull off 31 letter sized copies per minute and 17 oversized copies per minute, but this boost in speed also comes with an increase in price.
The device’s scan resolution is absolutely atrocious. The unit’s 400 x 400 dot per inch optical scan resolution is something that would be better suited for a ten year old fax machine than a medium sized copy machine. The unit up-scales copy resolution to 600 x 600 dots per inch, but quality will still be lost due to the optical scan resolution.

Sharp AR-M257 Specifications

  • JBIG Enhanced Print Function: Standard
  • Page Description Language: PCL6 (XL), PCL5e, optional PS3
  • Printer Expansion Kit: Optional Network Print Controller
  • Printing Protocols: LPR, IPP, Raw TCP (port 9100), HTTP, Novell NDS/ Pserver/Rprinter (Bindery)/ NDPS (TCP/IP), HTTPS, IPPS
  • RIP-Once Print-Many: Yes (managed by host machine)
  • Utility Software: Sharpdesk Document Management Software
  • Copy Method: Dry electrostatic transfer system
  • Copy/Print Speed: 25 copies per minute (8 1/2″ x 11″), 18 copies per minute (8 1/2″ x 11″R), 15 copies per minute (8 1/2″ x 14″), 13 copies per minute (11″ x 17″)
  • Copy Size: Min. 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, Max. 11″ x 17″
  • Image Formats: Optional TIFF, PDF
  • Scan capability (color/B&W): Optional B&W
  • Scan Destinations (number): 200
  • Scan Destination type: Optional scan-to- email/desktop/FTP
  • Scan Resolution Settings: 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi
  • Auto Dialing: 500 auto dial/group dial destinations
  • Broadcasting – Super G3 Fax: Up to 200 destinations
  • Fax Features: F-Code transmission/reception, confidential communication, quick on-line transmission, anti-junk fax reception, out of paper memory reception, and PC faxing
  • Fax Kit: Optional Super G3 Fax Kit
  • Fax Memory: 2 MB standard/ 10 MB max. (8 MB option)
  • Group Dialing Destinations: Up to 200 destinations
  • Modem/Speed: 33.6 KBPS / Approximately 2 seconds with JBIG
  • Timer Functions: Up to 50 jobs
  • Memory: 32 MB total (includes electronic sorting), expandable with up to 1,024 MB option

Sharp AR-M257 Toner Cartridges

  • Genuine Sharp AR-310NT
  • Genuine Sharp AR-310DR

How to Install Sharp AR-M257 for Windows

  • Click the Printer Driver button.
  • Click the Standard installation button.
  • Printers connected to the network are detected. Select the machine & click the Next button.
  • A confirmation window appears. Check the contents & then click the Next button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  1. If you are using Windows Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, Server 2012, be sure to click Install this driver software anyway.
  2. If you are using Windows XP, Server 2003, be sure to click the Continue Anyway or Yes button.
  • When the installation completed screen appears, click the OK button.
  • Click the Close button in the window

How to Uninstall Sharp AR-M257 Windows

  • Click the start button & then click Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program.
  • Choose the program or driver that you wish to delete.
  • Restart your computer.

How to Install Sharp AR-M257 for Mac OS

  • Insert the “Software CD-ROM” into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
  • Double-click the CD-ROM icon on the desktop.
  • Double-click the MacOSX folder
  • Double-click the folder corresponding to the versions of the operating system.
  • Double-click the MX-C42 icon
  • Click the Continue button.
  • The License Agreement window will appear. Make sure that you understand the contents of the license agreement and then click the Continue button.
  • Click the [Install] button.
  • When the installation completed screen appears, click the Close button.
  • Click System Preference in the Apple menu and select Print & Scan.
  • Click the + button and select “XXXX”.
  • Configure the printer driver.
  • Click the Option & Supplies button & click the Driver tab.
  1. Click the Default icon.
  2. Click the machine’s model name.
  3. Choose that the PPD file of your model.
  4. Click the Add button.
  • Select the machine configuration.
  1. Choose the options that are installed on the machine.
  2. Click the OK button.
  3. Click to close the window.

How to Uninstall Sharp AR-M257 for Mac OS

  • Delete the printer that using the machine PPD file from the printer list.
  • Delete the PPD file.
  • Delete the installation information.

How to Connect Sharp AR-M257 Copiers to a PC

  • Insert the CD that came with the Sharp AR-M257 copier into the computer. Click the “Start” button, select “Computer” and double-click the drive containing the CD if the software does not start automatically.
  • Double-click “Setup.” Click “Yes” if a user account prompt appears. Read the license agreement, then click “Yes” if you agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Next.”
  • Click the “Printer Driver” button and select “Custom Installation.” Select “Connected to this computer” and click “Next.” Choose whether you want to install display fonts and click “Next” again. Click “Next,” then click “OK” to complete the installation. Click “Close” to exit the installation window.
  • Turn on the copier. Insert the USB cable into the USB port on the front or side of the copier. Plug the other end of a cable into the USB port on the computer. The Found New Hardware wizard appears.
  • Click “Install Software Automatically,” then click “Next” to start the wizard. Select “Install This Driver Software Anyway” if a warning appears. Close the wizard when the setup is complete.

Sharp AR-M257 Driver Download For Windows, Mac OS

System Operation Download
Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver for Windows 8 [32bit] Download
Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver for Windows 8 [64bit] Download
Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver for Windows 7 [32bit] Download
Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver for Windows 7 [64bit] Download
Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver for Windows XP [32bit] Download
Sharp AR-M257 Printer Driver for Windows XP [64bit] Download
Sharp AR-M257 driver printer for Mac OS Download